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Message Subject How WoUlD the AnomalY Take Over the earth, and estaBlish himself as the universal sOvereigN!
Poster Handle THe UnToUcHaBLe 717 (101)
Post Content
How exactly would TPTB step aside and allow him to rule in this vision of yours?

Hard to see that ever happening without mass arrests and/or mass culling

Who would round them up and pull the trigger if necessary?
 Quoting: xenophon

The majority of the REAL elite will submit to him, for that is the natural thing to do....!

And those that dont, well the masses will consume them as food..!!

 Quoting: LuciferQuetzalcoatl(SUN)

Will truth be his sword?
 Quoting: xenophon

Only an madman would want to be on top of this Mad World.
And these people are mad, and are projecting their phantasies and mindset.Easily sold to other mad folks.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72299469

you do not get it...he does not want to control this world...this world does not exist...he is training to rule the universe...this is a training simulation...you will not exist in the future...when the game console gets unplugged...lol
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