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Message Subject How WoUlD the AnomalY Take Over the earth, and estaBlish himself as the universal sOvereigN!
Poster Handle THe UnToUcHaBLe 717 (101)
Post Content

has anyone left this place...but can you see the universe...can you see the moon...can you see the stars...can you see the sun...with your technology at the level it is at...why can you not leave....fool...lol
 Quoting: THe UnToUcHaBLe 717 (101) 77558438

Why would I leave?Or stay?
Who cares..Do you know moment of your birth? Why would you worry about moment of your death?
It is irrelevant.

Why would you bother with it?

Wasting your time. If that approach was solution problem would be solved long ago.
Sorry..Evidence proves you wrong.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72299469

why worry about death when you know it is coming...to die proves this a simulation...why would a god create just to watch it be destroyed...you are a fool...you think this shit is real...and when you wake and the clock say 5 in the morning tomorrow...that god someone told you the truth ...lol
 Quoting: THe UnToUcHaBLe 717 (101) 77558438

Man you are given life.
What is done with it.Begins with parents.

I don't care..But that is my thing.
You do..And I respect that.

But if we have arguments exchange opinions.I will not pander to your feelings just because I like you.But to my own reason and experience.And have peace with yours and with what ever conclusion or lesson I might get or learn.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72299469

your learning has nothing to do with my advancement...there is no such process as one for all when it comes to learning...those who know excel... those who do not fall behind...just because you have the idea that a god would waste its time is your problem...how all knowing is that...lol
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