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Message Subject How WoUlD the AnomalY Take Over the earth, and estaBlish himself as the universal sOvereigN!
Poster Handle THe UnToUcHaBLe 717 (101)
Post Content

I'd like to see the world give birth to humans who know they are divine multidimensional beings of energy and consciousness instead of brainwashed degenerate slaves and doormats

Probably the wrong planet for that but one can dream or fantasize, the more the concept is out there the higher the chance for it to manifest
 Quoting: xenophon

I would like that people understand they are just people.
Nothing more nothing less.
All that thinking..we are divine bla bla is big part of the problem.
Dreaming, fantasising, escapism..

Creates great art.But in real terms it is stuff of cowards unable to deal with the reality.
People simply treat each other and environment like trash.

There is no mystery in that.It is behaviour we are used to.Addicted to it.Coded into it.

My two cents.

Fate of Mars would be repeated here.
Only this time..no mo sequel prequel.

The End.

But then again I do not wish for that.It is just inevitable conclusion that comes up after observation.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72299469

Divine is just a label, the least relevant thing to focus on. We are spirits who manifest in temporary human form. This is fact. The physical world is a temporary manifestation of spirit and ether. That is reality, those who remember and have experienced our true nature know this without a doubt. Nothing to do with religion or belief system
 Quoting: xenophon

But just think how Irrational is to spend one life, dreaming about some other life.

As I said
It begins with upbringing.
And problems of this civilisation, way of living and mutual relationships lays there. With the parents and upbringing.
And then comes..multitude of such families creating societies.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72299469

dreaming about another life...first this life would have to be real...ok...if this life is real...tell me this...how are you capable of having intuition and psychic telepathy of which knowing something that has not happened yet...but eventually happens later exactly the way you spoke it...how are you capable of knowing the future or have some ability to see unforeseeable understand to see what has not been seen yet...fool
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