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Message Subject How WoUlD the AnomalY Take Over the earth, and estaBlish himself as the universal sOvereigN!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

He will come not in the name of nations, political parties, religions or in the name of some god...but in his name

He is neither the messiah or a prophet as such things are deceptions....he is simply the Luminary of the truth...!

He will take the harts and minds of humanity as he is speaks like no other has...in universal terms to the very soul of the specie...Intuitively the billions of them will know who he is, and as they understand he will engulf them in his consciousness and dream ....at this moment with the backing and power of most of the human race he will strip every government, monarchy and authority of its power..and conclude them...

Than he will take the united nations and use it as an instrument to introduce at last to mankind the one world government and the power of universal consciousness....the end of national borders and boundaries he will bring forth...at last the specie is one...!

He is and will be a magnificent teacher of truth, love and a new global spirituality that once and for all will overthrow the gods that have enslave the specie in ignorance and death for millenniums ...

 Quoting: LuciferQuetzalcoatl(SUN)

Hey Lucy. Your threads sure keep on coming.

Why not for once speak in greater detail? Not about the forbidden subjects, but about something more concrete and precise for the reader to grasp?

For example you could start with the deers and the golden beings - and where those beings originate, and why and how they communicate with him.

All the best.
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