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Message Subject Thank you for the mod that unbanned me!
Poster Handle Louis in Richmond
Post Content
Thank you! Thought I would have to start a GLP 12 step program. Didn’t think I could get banned with gold star.

: flowers:
 Quoting: aliasx

"While logged in"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77106928

It did say I was logged in but ip banned. IDK Glad to be back. First place I come to. You can’t even read threads when you’re banned.
 Quoting: aliasx

FWIW, my home Internet service is via cellular router on AT&T. If I'm not logged in I cannot even read GLP because of idiots posting dreck from their cell phones.

Logged in--no problem; not logged it--permaban.

Basically that just means: I never post anon (which I would not do); I never attack anon (I actually have working testicles and own my words); if I had an issue with a mod I would tell them via PM (something I never have done as I believe they do a damned good job).

So basically if your IP is banned, log in!!
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