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Everywhere we hear people repeating the adage: 'strength through unity' - and it is true. But this unity is too often understood externally

Anonymous Coward
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04/26/2019 12:42 PM
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Everywhere we hear people repeating the adage: 'strength through unity' - and it is true. But this unity is too often understood externally
"Everywhere we hear people repeating the adage: 'strength through unity' - and it is true. But this unity is too often understood externally, in the social, political and military domains: people unite to build or to destroy, but it is always an external unity. From now on, people must make an effort to understand unity internally on the spiritual plane. Everywhere on earth people must feel united around one divine idea, united by fraternal love and by the efforts they can make each day through their thoughts, feelings and prayers in order to bring about the kingdom of God. Then, unity does become an extraordinary power. External unity is not bad but incomplete: people associate for a while and then break up their association, each person going back to his own affairs. Whereas unity that is understood internally, the unity that brings true strength, lasts eternally."


Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 12976788
04/26/2019 12:46 PM
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Re: Everywhere we hear people repeating the adage: 'strength through unity' - and it is true. But this unity is too often understood externally
Creating Unity among All Spiritualists

The purpose of this chapter is to explore the idea of creating unity among all spiritualists. Materialists have often shown how powerful it is to unite forces and work together, hand in hand, in order to achieve their goals. Many have mastered, to a large degree, the art of putting aside differences, working together to find solutions to their problems to achieve success. If materialists generally succeed so well in whatever they choose to create, it is because they know where their interests lie. And many among them have understood that unity is the key to realizing their goals. Wonderful creations exist everywhere to remind us that materialists are indeed successful creators.

Why aren't most spiritualists taking this approach as an example? We often see spiritualists arguing about who is right or wrong and trying to prove that one philosophy or practice is better than another. One may wonder whether or not spiritualists know where their interests lie.

For centuries, religions have been critical of other religions and, in some cases, even fight violently against others with the conviction that anyone not sharing their belief system is unworthy or an enemy that must be eliminated. Anyone not practicing their rituals or speaking their "language" is seen as an outsider. In some cases, they even kill in the name of their religion; the Inquisition of the past and the extremists of today are only two examples.

He continues saying that this mentality is no longer appropriate since we are entering the Age of Aquarius. If we want to move along with the changes that are occurring throughout nature and the Earth, we have to adopt a different attitude with the purpose of approaching unity through diversity.

Once there is an understanding among all spiritualists of the great benefit of uniting, working together, of having one goal in common - the realization of a Golden Age on Earth - then the dynamic is quite different. This Golden Age was once realized in the distant past; if all spiritualists know where those interests are, they can make it happen again. All Golden Age shared a universal approach, a solar approach. We must move forward together toward a universal civilization as the sun shows us. The sun does not discriminate among different nationalities, races, or religions; it gives its light, warmth, and life to all people, regardless if one is Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist. It is only to our benefit to become like the sun.

In the invisible realm, Sages, Initiates, and Masters are all members of the same family - the Universal Brotherhood - working together for the bettering of mankind. Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), the best-documented psychic healer of the twentieth century, also known as the Sleeping Prophet, spoke about this invisible organization as many others have.

It is now a great time for all spiritualists to unite and spread the message of Love. We can maintain our identity, culture, and language, but - in the world of thoughts - we can unite and feel that we belong to the same family. We all share the same Father God and the same Mother Nature; we are all children of the same planet, of the universe. We must expand our consciousness by putting the small family into the big family.

Recent studies are adding to a growing body of evidence suggesting that focused prayers, especially those offered on a large scale, have a predictable and measurable effect on the quality of life during the time of the prayer. Scientists are now suspecting that the relationship between mass prayer and the activity of individuals in communities is, in fact, a phenomenon known as the "field effect" of consciousness.

Scientist Gregg Braden tells us that it has been proven, through experiments, that there is a field around us - a collective consciousness, in which we all participate and, therefore, have the power to change the world. This collective consciousness creates our reality and it can be influenced through our DNA by using the power of our thoughts and our hearts. He goes on to say that we can use this awareness on an individual basis to collectively change our world. Using principles recognized only recently in quantum physics, Braden demonstrates how Isaiah's nonreligious, nondenominational form of prayer transcends time and distance to bring healing to our bodies and peace to the nations of our modern world.

Based on this theory of the Divine Matrix, he also discovered a formula - the square root of 1 percent - showing that the effect of thought influences the collective consciousness. He states that a determined number of participants would be needed to achieve a certain effect, like peace, for instance. His experiments have proven validity of this formula. For example, to lift the consciousness of the world's population, it would only require some 8000 participants concentrating on the same idea of peace. The power of visualization is a gift from God for mankind to take our fate into our own hands instead of standing by and watching powerlessly. So, let's accept this gift gratefully and use it constructively.

The threads that weave all spiritualists together, regardless of particulars and principles, bind us together. At the dawning of a new day, may we find a common ground among ourselves and work together for the greater good of mankind. May we stand together in strength and conviction. May peace and harmony reign in our hearts. And may we have the wisdom to put aside our differences and quicken our collective awakening in order for us all to become benefactors of humanity.

In Light is a Living Spirit, Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov gives a powerful collective exercise called the spiritual laser. Based on the definition of the word laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiations), he describes that the power of the laser resides in the fact that the particles (photons) are all vibrating at the same frequency, producing a monochromatic light of extraordinary power. From this reality, he goes to say that Sages of the past knew about the laser well before science discovered it and that if human beings decided to all vibrate together on the same wavelength or subject - Light, they could form a powerful laser that could be used to uplift humanity. However, before participating in this collective endeavor, he recommends that preliminary inner preparation for everyone is the key:

Every human being possesses a spirit, a soul, an intellect, a heart, a will and a physical body, and the great difficulty lies in getting them all to work in unison with each other. No one can be strong or powerful until he achieves inner unity, and one of the goals of initiates is to create this harmony in man.

Paramahansa Yoga nanda, another Spiritul Master, tells us the following: "Focus your attention within. You will feel a new power, a new strength, a new peace - in body, mind and spirit."

John Delanney wrote the following:

When we look at the world as a great wagon wheel of which we are the spokes and God is the hub, it becomes clear that our first task is to remain anchored to the hub. There, in the center, we find ourselves most closely connected with each other. From that center in which we are all rooted the force comes forth to make that wheel turn.

Moreover, other spiritual teachers emphasize the necessity of connecting with the Divine within before acting on anything external.

The great mystic saint of North India, Neem Karoli Babajji, said that we can't realize God if we are aware of differences and that we must learn to find the love within, to see the Lord in everyone. He said that all religions are the same and that they all lead to God, that God is everybody.

If all Spiritualists understood where their interests lie, and if they decided to work together to form a large, universal family sending out powerful waves of love and light, they would inspire and uplift the general consciousness, and world peace could be achieved. Is this feasible? Yes, absolutely.

The power of the laser resides in all the particles vibrating together on the same wavelength at the same time. So, if all spiritualists decided to unite at a particular moment, holding the same idea of the light, the effect thus amplified could reach the whole world and help every human being. It is simple, powerful, and effective method. Everyone would feel the support of the others vibrating on the same wavelength or frequency. This would produce a beam of light of an indescribable potency for the benefit of all - thanks to the effort of uniting and working together.

When spiritualists realize that it is more beneficial to put aside differences, to symbolically hold hands, and work together on the same wavelength toward the same ideal of love and light, they will be able to manifest harmony, love, and joy in the world in a very powerful way.