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Message Subject I've Been Looking for God for Over Ten Years
Poster Handle Jesus is also the Father God
Post Content
What would you do if you found him? Would it be the same as finishing any project? Once it is done you move on to another project. What would you do? Who would you become?

Don't stop seeking to have an encounter, to know God, to know God, to have an intimate knowledge and relationship with him. It was that that provoked me to sell out to him and desire that above all things. I pursued the greatest pursuit and journey one could go on in their living room, and I was determined and hopeful that I would not stop until I found him. I decided that I would not stop until I found him, that no distraction could keep my desire from needing to know him. I was at that point that nothing else mattered, was worthy of my attention, was satisfactory to my soul. And it was because of that I stayed up as long as I could drinking coffee for food and stimulant and smoking my cigarettes until my kidneys failed about 1 month after my determination, and God showed up and began to guide me personally, audibly, physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally. And though I worshiped a false God, he stayed with me though he put a time limit on me until the end of the year, perhaps 6 months it was, to decide him, or the other man. And I cut it close to the end when I rejected all for Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity.

Within a couple months he guided me to know that he is the one.
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