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Message Subject I've Been Looking for God for Over Ten Years
Poster Handle NOLAangel
Post Content

No surprise yet. I'm still waiting! afro
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13358554

But are you still looking?

Many surprises are only realised in hindsight.

What have you been doing in the last 21 days?

Have you relaxed yet and just chatted to God and told Him everything?

He already knkws it all. But it helps to verbalise things for our own sake.

But dont worry or panic.

You will know soon enough.

He promised a surprise.

Broach the subject with Him.

And see what halpens in the days following.

And dont worry...im in the same situation but on a different level.

Two weeks ago He said simply "Everything will turn around for you very suddenly..but right before it does it will look the opposite...TRUST me at that point and see what I do".

Right now im almost broke...and the sale I was counting on didnt eventuate...and ive had to move..again.

But from past experience its always ALWAYS like this just before a major turnaround.

So...it seems we are both awaiting somethinv awesome.

And as always...right before the promise happens...it always looks the bleakest.

But that way..he gets all the credit..and WE get all the JOY.

Be patient now...and watch....its coming.

And I speak for both of us.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77668918

Are you the same bloke who was so kind to me three weeks ago? Your ID number has changed.

I've been praying for you!

The sheer fact that you answered my message must mean God is ready to bless as I honestly didn't think you'd reply. Also I've been really depressed the last couple of weeks and I was questioning my sanity too! Questioning my sanity because I was believing what a stranger told me on a conspiracy site! cruise


God's ways are not our ways. afro

Let's stay in touch! What time (US) is best to reach out to you? Is this timeframe good or would some other timeframe be more convenient for you?

I'm going to go to bed now but before I fall asleep I'm going to pray a good while for you! I want God to richly bless you!

I'll be looking forward to talking to you soon...I'll check this site tomorrow!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13358554

Im back. Im on glp every day from this time. Its 930 am here.

Anyways...what I said yesterday about God about to give me a surrise..well..ya never gonna beleive what happenned just now as I turned up at my workshop. (Im an opal cutter..i cut and polish black opals) anyways...my friend vets back from interstate this morninv and he had a friend with him...who wants to buy just about my entire stock of gems.

And whats more this bloke wants me to cut stones for him too (he is an opal miner) so im gonna have so much work now ill be busy busy busy.

Ive just had to move again too and that used up the last of my funds. I was down to $25.

This arvo when he picks up the stones my wallet will be packed full again.

Just in time to purchase a nice parcel of rough stones thats just came in from the fields.

So to recap...yesterday...broke...trusting...NEEDING a sale very badly.

Today...all sold out...and more raw material coming in to make more and the promise of steady work.

See...just gotta trust.

And I bet your prayers helped too. God wants to show you he is REAL and cares.

When you pray for blessings for others..God then is free to bless you too.

Ive been praying for you as well. And I bet he has something amazing lined up for you.

But the lesson is..PRAYER REALLY WORKS.

And when God says he has a surprise lined up...it will come from a totally unforseen and unexpected source.

That way...HE gets all the credit.

I didnt look for this sale...didnt see it coming.

He lined this up for me for YOUR sake...to make a point.

So im saying a prayer right now for you...that your blessing will just up and drop into your lap in some weird way that could ONLY be done BY God.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77670954

Oh wow AC 77670954. Praise the Lord!!! Hope OP comes back on and reads this.
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