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Alright can someone please help me out with some info on this shit?

this is still a conspiracy site correct?

I've studied conspiracies about 911 for hundreds of hours before but I've never came across this before untill now after watching a clip Of Joe rogans podcast...

They said he did a show in New york day before 911 called " i kinda like it when a lot of people die" Now I just heard like a 9 min clip on YouTube from that set and its fucking insane but it was dated in like june of 2001.

does anyone have any more info on that set and how fucking nuts that is that he would say those things before 911 right in New york? Now im not an expert on Carlin shit but I have seen plenty of sets from him where he basically exposes tons of bullshit about the world,government, ect. I would like to see if anyone here knows more about this topic like do you think he had insider knowledge about the attacks? Did someone tell him to do a routine like this?

Also How in the fuck have I never heard about this until now? I am not a big follower of the Mandela effect (except the Bernstein bears one) but this shit kinda creeps me out That I just heard about this now after all the clips and images of predictive programming of 911 I have never heard about Carlin's set...
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