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Toxoplasma Article confirms its not just a cat and rat thing

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04/30/2019 08:01 PM

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Toxoplasma Article confirms its not just a cat and rat thing
From the article...

" Chimpanzees infected with toxoplasmosis are attracted by the urine of their natural predators, leopards, but not by urine from other large felines. The study, published on 8 February 2016 in Current Biology, suggests that parasite manipulation by Toxoplasma gondii is specific to each host."

[link to www.sciencedaily.com (secure)]

This is even more evidence that supports the idea that the toxoplasma parasite is the likely culprit in libtardism

Question is, does the host ( chimp) have to be aware of its own fear in order for the parasite to know what that fear is.

Or can the parasite sense a chemical emitted from the leopard that is suggestive of the leopards desire to destroy the chimp.

Basically Does the parasite smell the leopards desire Or the hosts fear of the leopard.

If this applies to humans, the question would be does the parasite sense the humans fear of the predator or does it sense the predators intention. Which is it?

And, if its the former, this suggests that libtards are actually terrified of that which they pander to because they have a very negative perception of it

Hahaha a bunch of racists proven by physiology, I want them revealed for what they are.

So when are the human trials happening?