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Message Subject Endgame analysis: Threading the eye of the needle
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I pretend to be myself, whatever that is. And you're totally right to inject that because humans are incapable of true creation, as in creating something that did not exist in some form before. Seems like we can only combine what we have access to and the result is an amalgamation.

Not sure if we are neutered but we are constrained by language. It sets the limits to what and how we can think and therefore behave and act/react. The idea can only propagate if it is understood and an encoding can only be deciphered if we know the meanings. That makes language very powerful.

Is a human with no language really human, or is it the language that makes us who we are? Filled with memories, experiences and information in general like vessels. Hence my question of what we are, are we hosts for these virtual symbiotes or are we the physical representation of them?
 Quoting: Plasmare

I deal with people with no functional language regularly. We communicate through a myriad of ways. Small mouth noises are just the simplest form until you know ones habits.

We so rely on language that we often exclude ones actions from reality, when these actions are far more telling.

Language, in many ways, entrains us and entraps us in the formalism of thought. This is why subcultures create their own slangs to denote their view of reality.

Think of everything as fluid wrapping syllables and consonants around shapes as if to magically summon them in mind. The mind seeds these vibrational complexes as they exist outside of time but are beholden to it as our understanding is altered.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76674183

We are also watching for a new language to arise.

The semantics of resyncretization.
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