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Message Subject Asteroids Thread - Destination: Hall of Fails
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is NOT MY information.

Everything below is quoted from original post of the OP of the information:

This is not a joke. Im working for RUAG a Swiss Aerospace and defense company. Im part of a team providing equipment and software to Government bodies.

Earth is about to get showered with multiple large asteroids. Every government knows about it. It's a known open secret.
Warnings will cause a global panic and cause potentially more unnecessary deaths.

Get bottled Water and canned food. And try to get as far as possible inland.
I cant tell you where it's the safest because I don't know the final trajectory and impact zone. Impact zones is pretty much determined but I don't know them myself. I will go with my family into a remote ski area where we have a winter home.

All I can tell you it's not a drill. Get the people you love no matter what excuse you have to tell them, tell them you don't have much to live and its your last wish or tell them you won a lot of money and you want to celebrate it tell them any shitty lie you have to tell them to get them to go with you and GET THE F*CK out of the cities.
Even if your city wont be affected by the Asteroid, or tsunami or earthquake etc Cities are deathtraps because nobody has any supplies and no supply will come, at all. If you read any war diaries out from Russia you will know that murder, raids and cannibalism are normal in a large city cut out from supplies.

Even if you aren't in the Blast zone, the tsunamis and quakes, ash cloud and food and electricity shortages will be insane.


There are some associated links as possible guesses as to what this MIGHT be:
[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
I didn't look at the video so close to know if it would be intersecting or not on all angles.

Maybe the OP is for real, maybe not.
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