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Message Subject Asteroids Thread - Destination: Hall of Fails
Poster Handle WokWook
Post Content
From my above link:

0. Away from Cities
1. Away from the shores
2. Away from Active Volcanos, hills that can come crashing down on you etc
3. Away from Nuclear reactors

0.Water, water is cheap, get all the money you have. Overdraw your credit card, borrow from your neighbour if you have to.
1. Food, get food that wont go off, Get bags of sugar, rice, flour, corn flour, beans, canned fish, Alcohol
2. Sanitary kit, first aid kit, water purifier, water filter, get Soap, soap bars are dirt cheap, Alcohol, Povidone Iodine!
3. Get a first aid pack, cloth, jackets T-shirts, socks, underwear
4. Sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tent, Charcoal, fire kit etc
5. Ham Radio, Hand crank to charge your gadgets

This is what will happen, Asteroids will hit earth. Multiple locations.
You will notice Earth quakes, Tsunamis, Ash clouds, it will get dark, it will rain ash, it will thunder a lot, it will get dark and cold for a while.
It will snow ashes, since tonnes of particles will be pushed into the atmosphere. Electricity will stop coming out of your wall, so will the water,
then it can go two ways, either it will be managed decline and the military will take the charge or it will be full blown panic and chaos and everyone will run to the stores and try to get supplies.

Chances are we are all pretty much fucked. But now it all makes sense, why they let Detroit and the west fall apart and Rott. It explains where all the trillions went. It explains the conspiracy theories about a breakaway civilisation and a new world order.
Ladies and gentleman, the new world will come, and it will be without us. Without most of us. Humanity will be so decimated, so few will survive.

Its pretty much publicly disclosed if you can read between the lines.

[link to blogs.esa.int]

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