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Message Subject Asteroids Thread - Destination: Hall of Fails
Poster Handle Mkjeep
Post Content
Nope, not bugged out. MK Jeep...just updated title.

Sooo...its the big night. The last night.

I have no more news.

We will see if this can be filed in the Hall of Fails Tuesday. I want to hope it will be.

My kids, sensitives, are acting out of character today. No comments though.

I havent dreamed or felt anything, myself.
 Quoting: StormyNights

Good to see you again, OP. Curious your kids are out of character today.

I did go shopping and found some lovely things to put away for meals. Also extra salt because though I don't generally use it, I understand it has lots of other uses and would be a great barter tool. Also picked up quite a few more items for the large first aid kit I'm making for the car.

Most of it is still in the car as bringing it in is very difficult and painful for me, so I will hope to get it later, and then tuck most of it away in an antique trunk out of sight of prying eyes.

One thing I just could not do today is fill up with gas, and I hate that! Only have half a tank and that's almost out of gas for me! Need to be always prepared in case of tsunami or whatever. Will hope to be able to do so tomorrow.

Reminding preppers to have cash on hand - in smaller bills - in case everything goes to pot. Cards won't work if grid down, so what's in the bank will simply stay there. If somebody has something you just have to have, and it's only seven dollars, but you only have a tenner - you'll pay the tenner just to get it. So - small bills and the more the better. Greedy people will not realize for some time that money will do them no good, and will be after all they can accumulate. Use that to your advantage, but early on.
 Quoting: Pooka

Always good to remind people with basic advice. hf
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