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Message Subject Asteroids Thread - Destination: Hall of Fails
Poster Handle Mkjeep
Post Content
Cool, I ran the electric for a homemade water pump/ filter for my pond and got the pump set. I needed to circulate the water in it soit doesn’t stagnate . No fish in it yet, tons of frogs and turtles though, we go sit out and just watch them. It’s been neglected for years and we finally cleaned it out and are working to make a pond / garden of sorts. Oh we do have one big mud skipper fish, musta walked over from the lake across they street.
 Quoting: Mkjeep

What a heavenly place you have! Love ponds! Will your turtles become the large kind? Such fun to watch any size! And to hear the wonderful frogs, even bullfrogs with the deep voices. Hope none of this is interrupted by an asteroid or anything else!!

What's a mud skipper fish? What do they skip? Could he have moved himself that way?
 Quoting: Pooka

Not sure how big the turtles will get, a lot of babies right now. Tons of small frogs and a couple of huge bullfrogs. The mud skipper actually walks on land . He comes up on the edge of the bank or hangs out on the lily pads.
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