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Message Subject Asteroids Thread - Destination: Hall of Fails
Poster Handle darth
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 Quoting: Phillip J. Fry

Cool video effects for 1998, but the sound effects are just dumb. The asteroid flying by in the atmosphere is made to sound just like a car at full speed. "Wooosh". Ok, lol. The sound would be so much more powerful from all that friction, there would also be all sorts of deep booms etc.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77585085

A typical asteroid from deep space, not near Earth, would enter at about 50 km/sec. That means that even if it came in at a shallow angle, the transit of the atmosphere would take about 3 seconds, not enough time for a Hollywood suspense build up.

Note that a really large asteroid will get very hot and pieces will break off in the atmosphere creating even more heat. That radiant heat might cook anyone that was under the path of the asteroid.

I DID find the kid with his girlfriend on the dirt bike rather inspiring. Humans are hard to kill sometimes!

As always, the best way for our SPECIES to survive is to have colonies in space.

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