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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Iran needs medical radio-isotopes.
They have the right to them just as much as we do.

 Quoting: Concorde Warrior F-BVFA

You do realize they call us the big satan, which they have vowed to destroy, right? That they intend to the destroy the USA, and force what's left of us to become moslems or die?

You know that they call Israel little satan, which they have have vowed to destroy?

My friend, you do know that Iran constantly has murder and destruction as the only agenda? I know you know that moslems are not capable of being assimilated and that is their choice.

You are kind to want them to have all the advantages we do, and that is lovely on your part. However, they have such dreadful intentions and plans for the rest of the world - the caliphate uber alles, you know. Their focus is not on their people and the sanctions. That's only ammunition for them to scream to the world how pitiful they are, when in fact the people can suffer without any interest on the part of the religiopolitical overseers. The intentions are strictly for world domination, begun by taking out little satan and big satan.

This isn't on us, Concorde Warrior, it's on them - they push and push like a child out of control, trying to force us into a position that makes them look good, they think. It will not be successful, of course, because those nations not wrapped up in rabid hate can see clearly what they are doing.

I am sorry we may disagree this time, dear friend, but I had to "speak" my mind.
 Quoting: Pooka

I appreciate your civilized post. I will try my best to answer in a civilized manner, which I always try to do on all Internet public platforms.

I am sad to see that you are being bought, believing everything you are being fed by your government.

Most sources being quoted on GLP Iran threads come from Twitter. Twitter? The big brainwashing machine majority owned by Saudis.

Who is the most warmongering between the US and Iran? Let's see who has killed the most innocent people in foreign wars.

I am heading to 68 so let's not go back to thousands of years ago.

America has killed and injured tens of millions in illegal wars while the fundie muslims have killed FAR, FAR fewer.

Who is the real threat here?

Remember when the U.S. shot down a civilian Iranian passenger airliner above the Persian Gulf, Flight Iran Air 655, killing all on board while the plane was in Iranian territorial waters?

They swore it was a fighter jet.
My trade is aviation. Sorry I am not buying it.

When you celebrate your happy Independence Day on July 4
Remember this happened on July 3.

Look here. This is not a partisan or political source.
[link to www.britannica.com (secure)]


Stop blaming the Obama administration. They've been gone long time. Look at those in place now. Namely Jared Kushner, Bolton and Pompeo, along with your president, not forgetting their puppet masters.

Trump and Kushner both are following the Chabad Lubavitch agenda spelled out in 'The Final War for Jerusalem' to a 'T'. Chabad Lubavitch is running the show all the way.

Who are you to make rules for Iran to follow?

We have rules for Israel to follow too. Like, for one, straighten the hell up and stop being master race supremacists. Israelis do not own or rule the whole planet. The sooner they realize that, the better off we'll all be.

Use your brian and calculate how many people muslims have killed in the last 70 or so years and then try to figure out how many America has in the same time.

From 1945 Until Today – 20 to 30 Million People Killed by the USA
Source: Global Research #5660519

You're welcome.

 Quoting: Concorde Warrior F-BVFA

Russia and china can out do that , and most of that is their people
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