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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Iran needs medical radio-isotopes.
They have the right to them just as much as we do.

 Quoting: Concorde Warrior F-BVFA

You do realize they call us the big satan, which they have vowed to destroy, right? That they intend to the destroy the USA, and force what's left of us to become moslems or die?

You know that they call Israel little satan, which they have have vowed to destroy?

My friend, you do know that Iran constantly has murder and destruction as the only agenda? I know you know that moslems are not capable of being assimilated and that is their choice.

You are kind to want them to have all the advantages we do, and that is lovely on your part. However, they have such dreadful intentions and plans for the rest of the world - the caliphate uber alles, you know. Their focus is not on their people and the sanctions. That's only ammunition for them to scream to the world how pitiful they are, when in fact the people can suffer without any interest on the part of the religiopolitical overseers. The intentions are strictly for world domination, begun by taking out little satan and big satan.

This isn't on us, Concorde Warrior, it's on them - they push and push like a child out of control, trying to force us into a position that makes them look good, they think. It will not be successful, of course, because those nations not wrapped up in rabid hate can see clearly what they are doing.

I am sorry we may disagree this time, dear friend, but I had to "speak" my mind.
 Quoting: Pooka

When the kid that you bully strikes back. Don't to crying to your mom.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 50692139

LOL you eurotards are cucked beyond belief. You'd have to be the dumbest shit on the planet to think the billions spent every year on our military will get taken out by Iranians. Hoy shit you're retarded.
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