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Message Subject James Comey is Skull and Bones asset! God Family and Country!! Serial brain 2 and We Know!!
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Here's Serial Brain 2's latest decode! Its a doozy! Q tards we ride!bike

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
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Much Love to Our Greatest President ever!!! And prayers for his family's protection in these diabolical times.KD
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Better than Lincoln, Washington? Okay.

How are these times any more "diabolical" than any other?
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Sure there have been more diabolical times in the History of the world. And to be perfectly honest its been diabolical for decades and decades. My reference is to the amount its now being openly practiced even live on TV, and the deep state suicides of people from their doorknobs. Or the long Arkancided laundry list. Or the Skull and bones Bohemian grove homosexual attendees running our Nation into the ground? Not sure as to how your confused?catfilenailschuckle
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