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Message Subject James Comey is Skull and Bones asset! God Family and Country!! Serial brain 2 and We Know!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Watch the video?hf
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Why do they like to kill the people of Israel? Answer: Because God Loves the people of Israel and secret societies hate God. Skull and bones and all similar secret societies are run by Satan himself at the top, making their members Satan worshippers!KDpopcorn
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Come on Mods ya gotta pin this shite!!smoking1luckyflag waver
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WOnder why the ones Star bandit never leaves a comment?xmit
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I gave you one star.
Calling anyone who disagrees with you about anything, but especially Q, a twatwaffle.
Also, still waiting for the martial law you promised was coming on Feb 15th, and then swore at anyone who had the audacity to doubt you.
Also, the "QTards we ride" slogan has been done to death - at this point it's like a slow crawl over broken glass to a never-ending destination.
However, I doubt you will be willing or able to do anything more than call me a shill or say I'm part of Share Blue, because, that's how you actually ride.
Now you go & have yourself a great day, Saved!
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