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Message Subject Pole Shift coming 9-11-2020 or 03-07-2021 (How to Prepare; 5000 FT MINIMUM!) *UPDATE*
Poster Handle DinedwiththeDevil
Post Content

Our world is covered by an ice dome. During the event, massive chunks of ice the size of cities or larger will come crashing down. Your best location should be either a cave, mountain, or desert, but never the coast or plains. Lakes are bad too, but rivers and ponds should be okay as long as you are above them so excess water will drain away from you. Depending on where you live, your greatest natural danger will be one of the following:

North latitudes: Europe, Canada, Russia, etc.
Main threat: Floods
Waters above draining from the North Pole outward causes ungodly amounts of flooding. You need to be on high elevation at least 2000 ft above sea level. World record for tallest tsunami is 1720 ft in Alaska. You are safe from the chunks of ice, but earthquakes will cause tsunamis for you. Go to at least 100 miles inland. Stay away from forests, tree lines, cities, power plants. The conflagration fires will consume you if you don’t.

South latitudes: Mexico and everything south of it.
Main threat: Ice
Too much vegetation will promote endless fires everywhere. Unless you are in a dry area like desert, or mountainside away from all the trees. The smoke will also cause breathing and visibility problems. You guys are susceptible to the massive ice falling down. That’s why most countries here are underdeveloped because the ice destroys all their progress. Same things apply; high elevation, far inland, a pond or river nearby for water.

Between Canada and Mexico latitudes:
Main threat: Fires
No floodwaters from north or ice from south, but again too much vegetation in this region. You also have a lot of industry like power plants, factories, oil fields, etc. that will fuel the fires to hellish levels. Stay away from your industries at least 50 miles each way and have a natural barrier like desert or firebreak in between you and them.
 Quoting: CopyNinja87

Many thanks for that very well put together information I think millions of people will try to escape to the few high points or cave networks that we have above sea level. Also you mentioned that every plane would be in the sky at the same time? Would you elaborate on that please.

Thanks again
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