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Message Subject Pole Shift coming 9-11-2020 or 03-07-2021 (How to Prepare; 5000 FT MINIMUM! Avoid Yellowstone!) *UPDATE
Poster Handle =The=Signs=
Post Content
Any new info copyninga?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76980065

Hiya there. I know I ain't Copyninja but I have some new info.

Based on a 1st-party source (so somebody like you and I who has been watching the signs), the days where he lives are lagging by as much as seven minutes every day. He lives in Florida.

I live in the UK, South Wales and my days lag by only two minutes.

Based on how slow the days are lagging, we won't have an EMPCOE this year at all.
The weather is worsening, for sure. Hail in Mexico which 'flooded' like it was ice-flows. This is biblical. The storm we had last night over the UK was immense. No thunder and if it did thunder, very sparingly, yet we were having flashes up to eight per second. Twitter went crazy over it and said it felt like a rave because the sky 'strobed'. This ain't normal lightning. This is very high-octane lightning for usually such a quiet, peaceful European island. And, get this! The storm was supposed to arrive at 4PM, when there was as much as 2100 joules of energy in the atmosphere, but it hit at 10PM instead when there were 0 joules of energy. Rader lies!

Some interesting info on the EMPCOE is this one has sped up very randomly, so... like the Tartaria mud floods, there are talks of this EMPCOE not being natural and actually brought upon us by the elite. This makes a lot of sense. Since 2014, corresponding with their evil tech enhancements, the world has went crazy.

[link to twitter.com (secure)]

[link to twitter.com (secure)]

'There are, just not enough, fyi, there's pose to be a once in a lifetime Solar Eclipse around Antartica, day b4 next year's winter solstice' The EMPCOE is very unlikely to happen this year, purely based on this too.

[link to youtu.be (secure)] More signs in the sun.

[link to twitter.com (secure)]

Hope these help!
 Quoting: =The=Signs=

Thanks for all that!

But I have a couple of questions. :)

How are you ascertaining that the days are lagging, meaning sunset isn't happening at the time it is supposed to happen, right?

Secondly, Don't you think the EMPCOE is actually linked to the magnetic pole shift? Even on a flat Earth magnetics are still magnetics, and the realm is electromagnetic so a move of the pole past a certain point would create an inversion eliciting an EMPCOE...At least this is how I see it.

It's been a couple weeks, but the Maverick Star guy on the Tube said the pole was 225 miles from flipping point then. It was 400 miles or so when I started looking in December or January. So In a year or two, maybe less, I can see the flip occurring.
 Quoting: Fluffy Pancakes

You welcome! And, of course! Oh. Not quite. My analogue clock VS the controllers'. Same with the Florida guy. I would do it via solar if I could but trees obscure the horizon where I live. But many worldwide have noticed solar time either lagging or speeding.

The shape of the earth is a non-issue. I, personally, feel 'hybrid' Earth theory makes the most sense. But we definitely do not spin. That I am certain of. But, yes, magnetism is such a massive part of life. We all are electromagnetic. I'm sure the pole shift and EMPCOE coincide.

As for timeframe... it definitely isn't happening this year, unless the equenox brings significant *solar* time fluctuations. I'm hoping we have a decade or two left. There are whispers of 2040.
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