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Message Subject Sorcerers may be getting YOU to participate in their magic.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The use of magic to influence people's behaviors is witchcraft.

Also there is a difference between sorcerers and wizards.

King Solomon, for example was a wizard. Simon Magus was a sorcerer.
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According to a legend, King Solomon was given the power to enslave and control demons using a ring. He built the temple via demons that he had enslaved.

Somebody in his administration made a record of the techniques Solomon used to control demons. After he died, he was buried along with his ring and the record of his techniques. A few generations Later, when they wanted to repair his tomb they found that record and the ring...and ever since they have been using them to make contact with the demons.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77648475

Right. Wizards control them, sorcerers are controlled by them.

That is the difference.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77648522

I think a wizard biblically speaking is a seer, at least that's the reference I saw. The people who focus on the anomaly are wizards, where as a modern day wizard is a sorcerer but that word is used in the new testament for someone going into the lake of fire so Satan changed sorcerer to wizard.

People need to realize they're not special and have no special abilities or powers of their own. They are deceived and oppressed and heavily manipulated by demons to the point they think they are in control but their very thoughts are of Satan and demoms more often than not. But why would they believe that truth when their whole world is lies
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As I have said, anyone who has ever desired is doing magic, especially if that desire manifests itself. That is just the way this universe works. This includes Christians. It's only a question of what people do with their 'magic.'
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