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One does not need to be a bleeding heart liberal to realize that there is a problem.

"they" send men to war and then treat them like shit when they're no longer useful.

"they" sent our manufacturing jobs overseas and all but killed smaller farms.

"they" allowed meglomart to kill Mom and Pops.

"they" tax us to death and turned home production of everything from children's' lemonade stands + into a fiasco.

"they" have plenty of money for war in distant lands with people who've never harmed us.

"they" built welfare states.

"they" brainwashed the majority into victim mentality losers so "they" could enrich their interests in big pharma by way of psychotropics.

"they" dumbed down our education system.

"they" made it possible to financially destroy entire families with with a medical issue.

"they" took away just measures and weights in favor of usury.

"they" give our money to Israel and favor illegals.

"they" made it illegal to offer real charity to those in need in favor of welfare and non-profit*cough* organizations who cannot fulfill the need.

"they" sold houses to everyone and many of those homes are now underwater. Prior to the 80's damn near everyone who wanted a house could get one AND pay for it.

"they" flood our streets with drugs.

"they" made and encouraged mom's to work rather than staying home to nurture their families.

"they" flooded the media with whores to destroy families.

The list goes on and on.

All of these things and more have contributed to homelessness. Now I am not saying that there aren't homeless people out there who don't have personal responsibility by any means but damn! there is a very real problem with people and an even bigger problem with peasants and their own pecking order. If things don't change, it's only a matter of time before it's your turn. I'm not blaming the homeowners, of course they don't want to be run out by homeless people but what are and can we do to fix it. Nothing and we will continue to do nothing, it's all been done on purpose; by design.
 Quoting: janedoenut

Someone needs to start organizing all citizens who are fed up with the status quo. Storm every City Hall meeting and demand something be done about the homeless until they do something or every last one of them will be voted out next election.

If citizens do nothing, so will government.
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