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Message Subject How do I ask a man of the church for his time?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If I read your original post correctly, you’re asking how to find and approach a good pastor about sharing the story of what you’ve seen and experienced. They can be hard to find but do exist. Be careful because a lot of them are freemasons.

You may have to visit a few churches to find a good one. When you think you’ve found one, pray about it first because you don’t want to cast your pearls before swine or make yourself a target for harassment and gangstalking.

If it feels right, call the church office and make an appointment to speak with the pastor about something personal.

You could always share your story here or make a YouTube channel. Just be prepared for mixed reaction and feedback. There are a lot of people who’d be interested in what you have to share who have similar stories.
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