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Message Subject Breaking alnahdahnews (Iranian media) War against Iran will lead to World War III and Israel destroyed
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The war against Iran will pave the way for a third world war, and any attack on Iran would mean the destruction of Israel within half an hour," said Mujtaba al-Nur, head of Iran's nuclear committee.

He pointed out that the United States can start the war, but the end will not be in her hand, pointing out that if the US military targets in the waters of the Gulf will remain only a "hill of ash," noting that "before the dust settles, any attack on Iran, Iranian missiles will "hit the heart of Tel Aviv." Jazz

None of the Israelis are afraid. They have such deep determination that it is more than most of us could understand. No fear, and absolute determination that they will NOT be taken down again. Their history has led them to this point. I would not want to be attacking Israel - Iran will have surprises in store from Israel they are not expecting, is my belief.

This just came out in Iran - they want the end of the world !!!!!!
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