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Message Subject Men are afraid to mentor women after #MeToo and it hurts us all: study
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oh those poor feminists.... I've been with jerk men. I've known men who treated my women friends like crap. Guess what? I raised my standards. I stopped talking to them. I walked the hell away, out of the room. Creepy drunk guy at the bar? Either go to the other side or go to a different bar. Creepy guy at work? Find a different job. I'm not minimizing women who are really victims of rape or something...But if some guy makes a lewd comment about how you have nice boobs, walk tf away. I'm sick of women complaining about equality and then bitching that they aren't treated like women. GTFO yourselves. You can't have it both ways. Men and women are different. Period.
 Quoting: Just Some Chick

It’s better in rich progressive blue states. Creepy guy at a bar? Bartender sends HIM to another bar. Creepy guy at work? His female coworkers clue him in that he needs to restrain himself and if he can’t, Human Resources deals with him. Maybe HE needs to find a new job.

Some guy makes a lewd comment about how you’ve got nice boobs and others in the vicinity will address that with him immediately, make sure he’s OK and knows he can’t go talking about boobs and make sure you aren’t too rattled by it.

It’s really amazing how some parts of the US can be so normal and pleasant while others are so deplorable and dysfunctional.

Some folks DO have it both ways—women are equal people AND no one sexually harasses or molests anyone.

I didn’t even know the full extent of the misery in the Ohio River Valley until I got out of it for decades and came back. Some folks lack behind. They suffer for it too.
 Quoting: Polkahonkus

I suppose that my point is that nobody should have to leave the bar, or find a new job....It should go back to a point where a woman could get mad at the creepy guy, tell him off, and they both go their own way, rather than him getting his life ruined. It used to be that the creepy guy was simply ignored, and he would back off.

Now, EVERY guy is the creepy guy trying to rape everybody, and it's bs. Feminism has ruined everything. Everybody is offended over every freaking thing.
 Quoting: Just Some Chick

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