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Message Subject Trump admin notifies 500,000+ employers they have workers with bogus Social Security numbers
Poster Handle Keilani
Post Content
The CEO/President of ANY company that hires an illegal should be sent to prison for 20 years for a 1st offense, DEATH for 2nd offense. Problem solved.
 Quoting: Dash10Captain

Not sure if things have changed because of e-verify or whatever but back in the 90s I hired a guy who claimed he was legal, he had all the documents I was supposed to ask for to verify legal status and I would have been in trouble for discrimination had I refused to hire him based only on nationality. After filing quarterly taxes, etc. for over a year I lost my major contract and closed the business. Six months after closing I received a letter from the IRS saying his social didn't match the name, but to just disregard it if he no longer was employed by me.

So the point is they took over a year and a half and didn't seem very concerned about tracking him down, hopefully this is changing now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74539614

No, I don't think they're that concerned. I think it's all posturing. All the employers have to do is notify employee of the mismatch, BUT they employer CANNOT fire employee, cannot even insinuite the employee is illegal or he could get sued. Point is, all the employer has to do is send out letter, and notify employee, and keep asking like every month or so, the CANNOT fire employee UNLESS employee flat up says ID is fake or he's an illegal. You guys should really read the laws on this before getting so excited about it. I have.
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