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Message Subject Cops draw guns on black man picking up trash on his property
Poster Handle Deplorable TailDragger
Post Content
In the 80s, my father was weeding the front garden here in Philly. Halfcab timerlines, cut off shorts, red bandana and no shirt. It was a Hot summer day and a cop pulls up and asks what he is doing? "Pulling weeds, what does it look like?"

She demanded to see his ID. Which he informed her it was in the house. She didn't believe him and called for her supervisor who rolled up really fast.

See, A few weeks prior someone tried to break in to my bedroom window. Dad got a good look at the guy and ran outside with a shot gun. Mom had dialed 911 and it was that same supervisor who came that night. He asked dad to put the shotgun back in the house and come for a ride to find the perp.

They did find the perp, he was arrested and found guilty in court.

Back to the present time line. The supervisor took the lady patrol officer aside and they were over heard talking by my father. She started with the uptick of robberies in the neighborhood.... Supervisor state "he's the home owner, and who do you think helped catch the burgler a month ago?"

Good times.
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