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Message Subject Cops draw guns on black man picking up trash on his property
Poster Handle janedoenut
Post Content
Sadly Colorado has enacted Stop and Identify laws, Colo. Rev. Stat. §16-3-103(1) but it is only enforceable when the officer can articulate the suspicion of crime. [link to www.lpdirect.net]

It seems that Mr. Atkinson waived his rights and made a deal with the police department but I sure hope he sues the crap out of Mr. John Smyly in a civil suit.

Unfortunately, the city of Boulder's response to that misconduct has been pathetic. As the AP reports, the city decided to reach an agreement with Smyly in which the officer "resigned his police role on May 9 but will remain an employee through February without performing any work. He will receive 'commensurate pay and benefits' during that period and 'a single, lump sum' payment for any accrued and unused vacation time when his employment officially ends Feb. 9."

[link to www.washingtonexaminer.com (secure)]
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