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Message Subject Cops draw guns on black man picking up trash on his property
Poster Handle janedoenut
Post Content
Don't really understand why assholes think shouting in the street is the proper way to handle situations. The garbage stick is a potential weapon and the guy should have put it down. If the officer had reasonable suspicion to investigate or was called by a complainant to investigate, he had a legal obligation to do so and could not just walk away from the situation. If the citizen did not like the way he was treated he has the legal remedy of filing a complaint with the department, which they then have a legal obligation to investigate.

You coptards always blame cops for following laws and protocols that you don't agree with without considering that those laws and protocols are legislatively put into place by your state and local representatives. I guarantee that the vast majority of you couldn't eve name your city or state reps or state senators if your life depended on it, let alone know anything about their voting records with respect to police protocols. So much easier to jump onto a computer and squeal like scalded dogs than to engage your civic responsibility and hold your local and state reps to account. You get the government you deserve. Coptard FAIL!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77441624

Stfu you limp wristed American citizen wannabe. When the cops follow the law, uphold and protect our rights, we don't scream. When they abuse their power, which this one clearly did, we do.

Which laws did he follow? Before you open your stupid ass mouth or fingers, you might want to know the law. You can read them here. [link to www.law.cornell.edu (secure)] and [link to www.lpdirect.net]

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