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Message Subject Cops draw guns on black man picking up trash on his property
Poster Handle 3643297
Post Content
The whole thing would've been over in two seconds if the guy didn't go hysterical and calmly explained the situation to the cops.
 Quoting: Hawkeye86

He didn't get hysterical! He was very polite. He gave his address and his name. He didn't even need to do that much, being on his own private property.
 Quoting: Pooka

For most of the video he was yelling at the cops (being hysterical). The best way to deal with cops is to be calm and clear up any confusions. If you yell at them then it makes them suspicious that you're hiding/guilty of something.
 Quoting: Hawkeye86

He was making some good points. The cop should have listened and backed off. Deescalate. Now he doesn’t have a job. Sucks to be like that, not willing to listen and change course when a citizen is making a valid point.
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