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Message Subject Cops draw guns on black man picking up trash on his property
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

He gave the cop the only bit of id he had.
Dont typically carry my wallet when im doing yardwork myself.

If you can't see the problems here as well, then it will take until you start getting harassed for no reason.

8 cops...for standing with a bucket and a clamp...
...in your yard...
Weapon drawn...

Aren't you patriots like "dont tread on me"?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77645551

Where did I say I didn't see the problems here?

Harassed for no reason? Hate to tell you but I have been harassed (TWICE) in my life to a level MUCH higher than this man and in fact, in one case for the same reason.

Once I was placed in a choke hold and pulled thru a fence and arrested (disorderly conduct for failure to id) when I had committed no crime of any kind...I thought the cop was going to kill me.

Another some kid had told the cops I had "kicked him". I was walking out of my apt to go wash my car when the cop pulled up, said NOTHING to me but walked up to me and placed me again in a choke hold and took me to the ground, Shouting..."So you like kicking little Kids"...again, this cop didn't say one word to me before doing this so don't talk to me about police ABUSE...I understand it very well.

I will look again at the video but I didn't see a "drawn weapon"...I saw the officer with his hand on his weapon..that is NOT a drawn weapon and yes, I have experienced this before as well. (EDIT) In looking again it does appear the officer actually DID draw his weapon and was holding it at his side. It is my understanding that is against procedure in most police departments as you are not supposed to draw a weapon unless you intend to use it. Of course I'm no attorney and I don't that if that is factual or not.

Had a crazy x-wife called 911 once and then the dumb bitch hung up....well, guess how the officer who showed up at my door reacted to that...yep, with his hand on his gun!

Did I scream about my rights? Did I complain to anyone about him threatening me in my own home? NO...I understood and actually turned to the dumb bitch and told her to look, this is what SHE caused because of HER actions!

I could post videos of cops in similar situations we are discussing here who are DEAD now because they were NOT ready to defend themselves.

It's a fine line between lawfulness and anarchy....there is a level of distrust that has grown and when you CHOOSE to blame one side for that distrust it is YOU who is not seeing the problem.
 Quoting: FeedYourHead

And after those situations you are like
"Meh, it's fine" ?

Nothing I can say next to those experiences
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77645551

Where the HELL did I say, "It's Fine"? Obviously you have reading comprehension problems...

Point is, the place to fight "rights" battles is NOT in the street with people who have guns...regardless how right you may or may not be but my thoughts went to how we have gotten to where we are.

People who only see the problem as being ONE SIDE causing it are either just lazy, ignorant or just refuse to see the truth. I offered that truth in the first post of mine in which you replied but you chose to overlook it and instead blame one side only. So which of the above categories above do you fall into?

So, just how quickly can things change for a cop in a seemingly normal situation?

This quickly;

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
 Quoting: FeedYourHead

Granted, I may have mis-read you.

Maybe I'll put this another way or two.

I'm not even specifically blaming police. Hell, I wanted to be a cop myself. Was accepted to. Then I had the thought of what if I'm partnered with a bloke like the above, or worse? The rule in the police brotherhood is you cover for each other...I wouldn't have lasted long because I take any oaths very seriously, and it didn't include covering for people who shouldn't have the badge.
Policy makers dictate how cops operate, and current policy is every citizen should be considered a threat, and treated as such. Kind of like soldiers in an active war zone, no? The fact that politicians, police, and a lot of your citizens are not only fine with this, but cheer on such actions is beyond disheartening and history yells where such actions inevitably lead.

As for standing up to people with guns...

You guys won a war against a global superpower because it's police (redcoats) were abusing people based on the authority granted to them. (Yes other factors also)
Now...where are you currently?
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