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BBC NEWS: 'Are weddings too white?'

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 76302734
United States
05/19/2019 04:14 PM
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Re: BBC NEWS: 'Are weddings too white?'
What’s implied here the magazine is too white, but it’s acualy the consumer that’s too white, as in their they’re the ones holding money power, visa versa influencing market as market also takes note advertises to specific consumer that will buy white weddings

I will argue that more models poc should be included more often to combat racist attitudes. I feel the more frequency poc models are shown the severe racist attitudes will dissipate

The world reponds to white positively and not so much to poc,..... because they’re underrepresented in positive light

And if the bridal “white magazine” are doing it , then I def think just like BET exists Latino Asian and black bridal or all inclusive bridal magazines shod exists the market is there .

Really should be inclusive and representative of general population
Because alllbusiness is good business

But unfortunate market forces and demographics come into play
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77319407

If you watch Get The Dress you see that it's all young blond girls getting married. It's pretty much all there is because that's what rich men want. And that they are the ones with 50,000 dollar rings and 8000 dollar dresses.

That being said it's completely racist against white culture. I don't see Saudis or Indians giving a single shit about WASP s and their style.