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Message Subject What's the most badass thing you've ever done?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
took karate as a youth
drove home from date with my girlfriend
see my friend at time pulled over by a larger musclehead
my friend says dont leave him
turns out he was dating meathead's ex-girlfriend
my friend took off another route to get to his home
i ask the guy who he was and he said the devil

i ran carblocker between meathead and my friend up to 60=70 mph on curvy two lane roads for about two miles but he passed me and then my friend and then 90 degreed his car in front of friend's stopping us both

he yells at friend then says let me see what your friend wants
finally i get out, guy grabs y arm and i kick him in the head
we fight for about 3-4 minutes and he gets in one good punch me another kick and we wrestle on the ground

finally he takes off and my friend thanks me and gets in his car
dude comes back and 'wants to see me bleed' but i got outta there thinking he now had a weapon

as i leave i come across another old friend who was walking and needed a ride after being balls deep in a neighborhood girl, he offers to go back and help kick meatheads ass with me but instead i give him a ride to the gas station so he can use payphone to get home across town

i go to work at burger joint following week and big black cook notices the cut on my chin from meatheads gold chain...i told him the name of the meathead who i fought and he was like ..damn that dudes crazy as chit...

wild two hours that one midnight
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