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Message Subject What's the most badass thing you've ever done?
Poster Handle ACBAYC
Post Content
I hiked a famous North Shore Trail on Kauai on really strong LSD with friends when I was 19 years old. Nothing I have ever experienced physically compares to that physical experience.

When I say hike, we actually ran the entire length of the trail (5-10 miles) and ended up in Waimea Canyon on the edge of a cliff; our t-shirts were like wind sails, the wind gusts would prevent us from falling off the edge of the cliffs. Mind Blowing!

I will probably never do it again, nor do I suggest you try and do that on a weekend getaway. I had prepared for months for the physical and mental toll an experience like that incur. If you are older than 25 years old, I don't suggest you do it due to the sever physical exertion required to reach the capacity for a full tilt Kauai Jungle Trail Run-on-Acid synchronicity.

We would skip and jump from rock to rock to avoid colliding with tourists, it was like we were all world class gymnasts with unbelievable physical endurance and accuracy in the placement of our feet. The entire experience lasted for hours and I could never recreate the conditions for you to experience what I experienced, that day!
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