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Message Subject What's the most badass thing you've ever done?
Poster Handle MarkinAZ
Post Content
We were living in LA and we went to a birthday part of a celeb we know. I took my 13 year old daughter. We were dancing together - father and daughter - and afterward I walked over to the bar and a well known actor came up to me, made a rude comment about ‘how he’d like to get a piece of that young sweet ass” and then asked me who she was!

I replied, "she’s my daughter." Then I punched him in the mouth, knocking him back over the bar. I told our hostess what had been said and she thru the offensive pedophile bastard out. She’s now a major celeb (she wasn’t quite as famous back then) and the actor is a known pedophile in Hollywood Circles. People won’t let him be around their children at parties, functions, etc.

Of course I offered to pay for the damage and broken liquor bottles, glasses, etc. She wouldn’t allow me to do so. I sent flowers and a note of apology the next day. The story got around town and the pedophile actor was filming a big budget movie, at the time. I heard the studio spent some serious money to keep the story out of the newspapers and fan mags.

It’s true that many big celebs are into young women or young men. That’s their business as long as the women or men are over the legal age of consent. But when they go after children because they’re too insecure or inadequate in their own minds and bodies to have a relationship with a grown woman or man, it’s not only illegal, but frankly I think they should be executed when they’re caught molesting young girls and boys.

I have only punched one other person in my entire life. I’m not a ‘bad ass’ by a long shot. I was raised to be a gentleman and have tried to be so all my life. But there are some insults, some breaches of decency that are so outrageous that in many men, there is a visceral response and their fist moves before their mind realizes what they’ve done. That was one such situation for me. Friends who were there still kid me about the day I punched “so and so”. Most agree the fucker had a full ass-kicking coming. Sadly, he stayed down with one punch. damn it!
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