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Message Subject What's your battle plan for our war with Iran?
Poster Handle Anglo Elder
Post Content
We have no legitimate reason to go to war with Iran.

If the people of Iran don't like their government, they should overthrow the government as they overthrew the shah of Iran before.

Same principle applies in Venezuela, and North Korea.

We should refuse any trade or relations with them until they begin treating their population in a way consistent with our Western Ideals.

The same principle applies to China.

We shouldn't be trading with communists.

If and only if, Iran would attack our homeland, or our military, then should we wage all out war, with the purpose of overthrowing their government.

If we get our ships and personal out of their reach, we wouldn't have to worry about our personal being attacked.

America has no moral high ground to stand on and preach from to other nations. America has become a cesspool of degeneracy, from Hollywood to DC, down to main street.

John Bolton wants our men to die for nefarious purposes, but didn't want to serve in Vietnam and die in some rice patty field.

What a hypocrite.

We shouldn't be marching off to war on Israels orders, or the UK's orders, or Saudis Arabia orders, or anyone's orders but the collective population of the united states orders.

Only congress can authorize war, not the president as the constitution is written.

Trump is just as much a threat to our form of government as bush was.
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