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I call it:
All the indicators point to the left implementing a Tet offensive inside the USA in the next few weeks.

Revolutionaries are about to be exposed for their crimes of sedition and plot to overthrow the United states government. They have a low chance of stopping Trump in the House or in 2020 with their poor slate of candidates. Trump continues to pack the courts with counter revolutionaries. They know their time is running out.

How and who:
The offensive will be supported by Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, China and more. Seeing that the USA is about to go to war with both Iran and Venezuela this confederation will take preemptive action.

Antifa and Iran will implement gray terror inside the USA targeting the power grid and dams. Seeing the potential that big parts of CA will flood furthering the coming food crisis due to the flooding in the midwestern states.

Assassinations of right wing influencers will then proceed. Russia will support these operations using prepositioned assets.

Also look for attacks on military families, officers and conservative politicians. Courtesy of information shared by China. They have your address and GPS location.

Churches will be targeted for mass casualtie events. Atheistic communists, LBGTQ SJWs and both branches of Islam will come together to destroy in this opportunity to smash the West.

Telecom infrastructure will be targeted and the internet will not be reliable. Mass confusion will follow. Everyone will be caught completely off guard.

Dirty WMDs in red states are likely along with mass poisoning of food supplies and water systems.

It is likely that Mexico will join the attackers and patriotic Mexicans will burn down their white neighbor's houses.

Unfortunately, most conservative are too stupid to see this coming and are insufficient in a counter revolutionary mindset.

Check your preps and note who on your street has a "No home for hate" sign.

This is the Red Wedding Obama joked about.
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