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Message Subject Ebola Watch
Poster Handle lurcher1
Post Content
I still have my gloves & N95 masks from the last big scare. I need to buy some fresh alcohol wipes though.
 Quoting: Paranoiaaaaa

If it got to the situation, whereby those items were a real need for you, we would all of been in curfew and lockdown well before then.

That is, IF our governments could be bothered to save us. If this was no the case, you might wish you were dead anyway.
 Quoting: lurcher1

I don't completely agree here. We can be protecting ourselves the moment we know ebola is anywhere near. Wearing protection any time we go out in public, for example.

Last time we had an uptick in ebola cases, it became harder to find the N95 masks, though gloves were pretty much available. To have them on hand is best, and to be prepared to use them at the drop of a case of ebola is better yet.

I think martial law might come into play once it arrives here, meaning it's best to have already on hand everything your household needs in food and water. People in charge of things, like municipal water systems, garbage collection, much law enforcement, even nuclear plant technicians, will choose to stay home and take care of their own families, so we will be without anything we have come to depend upon, very early in the epidemic/pandemic.

Have in mind that you will stay home, keep your family safe, and rely on what you already have stored.
 Quoting: Pooka

Points taken.
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