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Message Subject BREAKING: Pelosi Calls for Special Caucus Meeting at 9AM Wednesday on Trump Impeachment (Video)
Poster Handle Johnny Be Good
Post Content
Ok - they know they can't actually impeach him, but they want to give the MSM cover to make out that all the arrests coming for treason are because Trump has become a mad dictator trying to cling onto power..............and must now be removed by force.

They are going for mass civil unrest, civil war - then you would imagine invasion by China the UN or whatever combination of fuckery they can muster.

Quite apart from their own individual looming arrests, Globalism is rapidly falling apart - these f**kers have nothing to lose and everything to gain - so they might as well go for broke whilst they still have the power to do so.

I hope Trump team has war-gamed this - because I don't see how it plays out any other way.
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