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great facts about Ilhan Omar and her Homeland ~ why America "ISNT SO IGNORANT"

Rufus Juice
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05/21/2019 10:00 PM
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great facts about Ilhan Omar and her Homeland ~ why America "ISNT SO IGNORANT"
its been posted and quoted ~ So Omar says ignorance is pervasive in the US. She;s right in that it exists....but pervasive?

rate it yourself ~ who is more ignorant? not a sexist, racist, nor conservative / "Trump driven" rant. Just the facts. decide for yourself.

1) she's already declared her place of birth as Somalia. So no Obama hustle and flow of sealed docs and fake credentials to come later

2) in somalia you cannot photograph or videotape a women. Its punishable by death, so lets respect her culture and stop VIDEOTAPING AND PHOTOGRAHING HER! otherwise, thats racist. ignorant or not?

3) Al Shabab operates outside of the Somali Government and enforces is-lame-ic law - including executions, amputations, and floggings inline with mudslime law. Essentially the Taliban of Somalia. they tolerate and allow this as a country and culture? ignorant or not?

4) No religious talk with a somali that doesnt align 100% with islame. Ecer see a COEXIST bumper sticker on a subaru? of course you have! but the "C" doesnt want, nor will ever want to coexist with anything. fact check it. 100%. ignorant or not?

5) homosexuality isnt just a sin. its a crime ~ punishable by death. Ignorant or not?

6) In somalia a women cannot look at man in the eyes if they are conversing. equality much? ignorant or not?

7) in somalia it is good practice to be suspicious of everything and everybody *to the point of paranoia) ~ its considered wisdom. Hobo philosophy is the basis for thought in Somalia. Ignorant or not?

but you're right Left ~ we need to hear her out and honor her thoughts.
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace" Jimi Hendrix