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Message Subject We Will Do The Same To The Next Democrat President
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've told some libtard friends of mine...We are keeping track & will will do the same to YOUR president as you are doing to OUR president.

We will make up utter horse shit & launch a 2 year "investigation" over it. We will delay & block all of his nominees. We will sabotage him every time he leaves the country (even for nuclear disarmament talks with a hostile nation). We will vote against every piece of legislation even if Americans are being murdered and raped.

It would render the OFFICE of the president as irrelevant.

This morninng it dawned on me...THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT!!!

The democrat filth want to undermine the OFFICE of the presidency!!! (impeach foety-FIIIIII).

The democrat filth want to undermine the faith in our elections (russians hacked our elections).

The democrat filth want chaos and violence (Antifa, shooting up a baseball field full of repubs, attacking MAGA cap wearers, jussie smolette, nick sandman, etc).

What does all this lead to?

AN UNELECTED ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT THAT WE CANNOT VOTE OUT! (and the democrat filth sits at the top of it all).

If you say you disagree...no more health care for you! And we will use the power of government to destroy you!

All the pieces fit!
 Quoting: Mental Case

HAHA, We will have 1776 Redux before that ever happens.
God Save the Republic!

“It is interesting to hear certain kinds of people insist that the citizen cannot fight the government. This would have been news to the men of Lexington and Concord, as well as the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. The citizen most certainly can fight the government, and usually wins when he tries. Organized national armies are useful primarily for fightin...
 Quoting: FRCRCN

Its more interesting to hear forum fucks crowing about fighting the government, zionists, Hebes, etc, spending all there time not fighting government, but shitting on other patriots.

You shit on this Trumper, bitch and you get one shit and you'll wish all you had to deal with is the government.

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