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Message Subject WTF! Bill Hader morphs into Arnold Schwarzenegger on live TV!
Poster Handle CK Dexter Haven
Post Content
WTF is this shit?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77680228

WTF is this shit of your blatant disinfo ???
Op, can you be this much of a smacktard? slaphim

You are either too young to remember epic impersonaters/ comedians who performed by IMPERSONATING many different characters on platforms like "The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson era, Wolfman Jack's "The Midnight Special", etc. into present day...
or you are deliberately trying to succeed in coding a message perhaps?

He did NOT "morph" into anyone. He impersonated "Ahnuhld"'s voice.

Familiarize yourself to Rich Little, Eddie Murphy,
Dana Carvey,Robin Williams. Impersonators who didn't morph either!

They are talented entertainers who performed character impersonations of well known people.


 Quoting: Pelledan

The impersonation is real, and Hader is good at it. But someone took the footage and applied a software trick to put Arnies facial features on Haders face during the parts where he is impersonating him.
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