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Illegal Alien Allegedly Rapes & Impregnates 11-Year-Old Girl In Arizona

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 77342760
05/26/2019 11:58 PM
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Illegal Alien Allegedly Rapes & Impregnates 11-Year-Old Girl In Arizona
An illegal immigrant from Guatemala was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona, after he allegedly impregnated his 11-year-old girlfriend.

Carlos Jacinto Cobo-Perez, 20, admitted to investigators that he had sex with the girl near her elementary school, according to a probable cause statement filed by the Phoenix Police on May 18.

Cobo-Perez’s relationship with the girl was revealed after her mother noticed a hickey on her daughter’s neck in Nov. 2018, reported The Arizona Republic. Cobo-Perez confessed the relationship a month later during an interview with police. He acknowledged that he knew her age and that the relationship was wrong. Cobo-Perez subsequently stated that he would end contact with the girl.

However, the girl was taken to Phoenix Children’s Hospital on May 17 where a pregnancy test returned a positive result.

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