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Memorial Day My Four-legged beast of burden

Bob Spelled Backwards
User ID: 77683934
United States
05/27/2019 06:39 PM
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Memorial Day My Four-legged beast of burden
I live in Arizona, where a local newspaper is doing what small town newspapers have always done across the country, celebrating the lie of Memorial Day. It's absolutely shameless, with the usual "they died for our freedom(s)" shat. I'm a Vietnam-era Army veteran, drafted in 1970, two and a half years overseas during that lying mess, which as everyone must know by now, was based upon the assassination of a sitting U.S. President, conducted on behalf of U.S. corporations under the sick rubric of impressing the Soviets that our NATO commitment was real (huh?), and where the CIA smuggled planeloads of heroin back into the country in body bags. LBJ's Sigma II intelligence assessments informed him precisely what the results of expanding the war would bring to American society, then he did it anyway. They just unleashed the law enforcement heroes to deal with the aftermath. The only ones smiling in military and civilian setting were - and still are - officers. Have you noticed that? Everyone is loaded down with shat but when tghe heroes show up with their colored lights and badges, they're smiling, because they have just come across their lunch - you. Memorial Day my burro.