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Message Subject I am an Archangel and your realm is about to change
Poster Handle CookieTheSorceress
Post Content
Hey what is causing the realms to collide? Is it natural or forced?
 Quoting: Professional Amateur

We are doing it.. well The council is. Right now at the barrier there is a war going on and even for them they can not stay there for too long. It's very intense, I am not allowed to be there because I am not strong enough. The archangel I work with, she has lost many of her men to these "soul reapers" they will rip your energy apart and kill you. they are basically dog like creatures, almost I'd say like a hell hound, grey bodies.
Humans don't need to worry too much about them. I see souls wandering around aimlessly at times but the seasoned traveler knows about these things. There are guards at each of these realms as well so you won't get far.

If you want to see me as I am, well you could but I wouldn't be able to take you there.
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