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Message Subject I am an Archangel and your realm is about to change
Poster Handle CookieTheSorceress
Post Content
Hey chat to arch angel gabriel and these guys here, im very sure you know them, and get the same info from the same source?

Thread: The Angelic Initiative has a new Beta? Interviewer - Wubby

they mention you and channel your friends

happy crystal polishing, reiki adjustment and bullshit peddling.
 Quoting: AC 76180094

Well I've never heard of them before, but I will look into this I'm skeptical of "channeling" because there are beings who can hijack the connection and you won't be able to tell "Who is who".
Arch Angel Michael is in Izmarin now, he's standing his ground with Gabriel. Michael is the brother of one of the other archangels who is working on destroying the barrier.
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