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The Angelic Initiative has a new Beta? Interviewer - Wubby

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United Kingdom
05/29/2019 08:36 PM
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The Angelic Initiative has a new Beta? Interviewer - Wubby
Janey the Body

Who BTW is in a very Committed Relationship

And her very sane mother are now doing sessions with a Male called Wubby, as an interviewer.

In his first session with these Goddeses he is shown about building better Karma.

Oh and BTW they are not on drugs.

Do remember that many, ascended masters, channelers, reiki masters, unicorn princesses and princes, Pre and Pro Noun and Wicca practsing and spirit cooking supporters, are all connected to the same "Source" and "energy" and "wisdom" and "enlightenment" its the 3d consciousness becoming the 4d through your ascended DNA as the palledians light shifts raise your vibration to become like these prophets, the whisperes of the divine.

Arch Angel Gabriel has apparently Retired and God is sending his message through many people like you meet at your local yoga studio, conferance, crystal healers and those who have ascended.

Please watch all the videos so you can be upgraded and transition into the 5d reality.