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Message Subject Gateway Process CIA FOIA Document
Poster Handle Red Hot Chilean Pepe
Post Content
"A bit dramatic in the voicing but well presented. I think many of the people like us that often thinks in these matters won't be much surprized by the content of the CIA released document (which is anyway very extensively treated and therefore valuable for this aspect alone), but by the fact that this was assesed on its theoretical and practical effects by no other than the DoD. This is what is more mind boggling to me, the fact this was being researched from a military point of view, this is at the same time alarming and explains a lot of how things have developed in the last 36 years."

When this report was written in 1983, both the U.S. And the Soviets were pursuing Remote Viewing and Psychic Spy Programs. I think the connotations of the report surpass this subject.
 Quoting: Pragmatist

That’s exactly what I find so mind boggling, if they have been researching this topic for so long and if they are capable of altering reality, that would explain why things are so effed up in this world, by the influence of a small but powerful group of interest simply reshaping reality at their leisure and whims.
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